The highly trained sales and service agent for Shopify

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Live Demo
Live Demo

Plug & Play

Go live in just a few minutes! FluxBot uses your existing data to help your customers in the best way possible.

Sales Assistant

Acquire new customers, boost your sales and increase service support. Cross and upsell your products through your chatbot.

AI Powered

With our team of skilled data scientists and developers we created a smart AI powered chatbot. Try it for yourself!

Our easy-to-use dashboard

Setting up a chatbot was never this easy

FluxBot scans the existing information in your shop – such as shipment information and your return policy – and will use your existing offers and discounts to target your customers at the right moment. You just configure the chatbot’s name, avatar, FAQ’s and how sales intense you want him/her to be!

How it works

Shopify’s best AI powered chatbot

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

FluxBot helps your shop with acquiring new customers, boosting sales and increasing service support with full conversational capacity. Use FluxBot to cross and upsell your products: buy one and get one free, discount when a specific threshold is reached, coupons and vouchers.
FluxBot can also answer FAQ’s, like questions about the order status, payment options, return policy, opening/closing times and many more!

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User friendly chatbot

Go live in just a few minutes

Customize your chatbot easily

Choose a name and upload an avatar

Choose the discounts

Choose your sales strength

Cross and upsell your products

Let the chatbot answer FAQ’s

Give shipping and billing info

See the results on your dashboard

How it works

Setting up the chatbot is as easy as that

Check out the instruction video on how to setup the FluxBot chatbot in just a few minutes.

Live Demo

Try it out for yourself

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AI powered chatbot made affordable

With us, you get a 1 month free trial! After that, we charge $49 per month with no extra or hidden costs based on a fair use policy. We service all types of shops, no link with regards to shop type or revenue generated.